This BBS has been put together for the interest of the art scene, bbs modding, interbbs gaming, and message networks. If you’re interested in an older looking class of BBS’s, this would be your drop.

– Original launch date: August 1995
– Relaunch date: October 14, 2008


Clutch BBS is currently running Mystic Bulletin Board System on Gentoo Linux.


Message Networks

The BBS is currently connected to the following networks;



Bringing the old age to the new age!

The website was created to allow people the choice of following the BBS through a website. The website has an integrated telnet client that allows telneting via flash. Also, there are hooks that tie into the BBS that allow viewing of statistics and many other functions.

Of course the BBS can be accessed the traditional way by simply telneting to the address clutch.darktech.org.

Telnet Client Recommendations


History of Clutch

It was the summer of 1995. I downloaded the Renegade installer package and installed it on my Pentium 90MHZ with 16 MB of RAM and a 500 MB harddrive.

Back then I went by the name Klutch BBS. I spent that summer day and night drawing ansi’s and having sysop’s of other boards help me configure door games and message networks.

I ran the BBS for a good year and had quite a few registered users. Unfortunately due to the Internet hype during the first year, I felt that the BBS scene wouldn’t withstand the popularity of the Internet, so I decided to take down the board.

During the years that have lead up to more recent, there were several attempts to put the BBS back online, but due to personal reasons I never found the time until more recently.

So here we are today….