Major Crash

The BBS suffered a major crash. Luckly, I had some backups to work with.
You may find some things a little out of date, but we are back in business!

Small Improvements

  • Updated to the latest version of Mystic
  • Updated some of the system stats website
  • Corrected some backend scripts

Lots of updates

Clutch has been going through some major updates.

Acidic Paging Module v1.4 has been released. It includes a Windows and Linux version!

For more details login to the BBS.


ACiDic Paging Module

Quick update,

I’ve completed the ACiDic Paging Module 1.3 for linux. The paging module text messages you! For more details, login to Clutch.


I’ve completed the following updates.

– converted echomail over to the Mystic built-in tools.

– Fixed the archive editor

– programmed and activated a paging module

– updated some menus and the prelogin startup

– joined DoreNet and fsxNet echomail

– setup file echo’s

– cleaned up and removed backend scripts



In the last week I’ve spent a good chunk of time updating and fixing the BBS.

See below for the full list of changes. More changes to come…

  • Mystic 1.12 A31 upgrade
  • Server updates
  • Server distro upgrade
  • Moved BBS to a new server
  • Cleaned up backend server scripts
  • Fixed and updated the BBS website
  • Cleaned up and repaired mystic theme prompts
  • Ansi work and repairs
  • Removed League 46
  • Joined BBSlink for inter-bbs gaming
  • Updated the oneliners to a more stylish look.
  • Installed and configured new Mystic modules
  • Approved and move new files to the proper areas

Website update

Well I removed some hooks from the BBS due to some problems with the coding in the hooks.

This should speed up the website. I will look into more hooks at a later time.

Server Upgrade

Well the server has recently gone through a major upgrade release.

If anyone notices any issues please let me know.

Mystic 1.10 Final

We recently upgraded to the final release of Mystic 1.10!

Great job g00r00!


Within the last couple days I’ve been addressing updates. I’ve moved the BBS up to the latest alpha releaseĀ and I’ve brought the OS up to the latest patches.

If anyone encounters any problems, please let me know.